dead. (ana_saurus_rex) wrote in nothing__lasts,

nothing lasts

ana or ana maria.hence my username..duuuh. hehe
Age: 16

Bands (no more than 10):
awww! just ten? hmmm...well...the postal service,rilo kiley,death cab for cutie,bright eyes,the mars volta,the bled,walls of jericho,cursive,HORSE the band, and jessica something jewish.(oh and ben kweller eventhough that makes it 11)
Movies (at least 3):the brave little toaster,the wallace and gromit series, lilo and stich.
Books (at least 3):hard love,go ask alice,alice in wonderland,the catcher in the rye,gingerbread,the perks of being a wallflower,anything by edgar allan poe.

people who have the similar interests,people who can make me think and laugh,paint,writing poetry,taking pictures of things (i've gotten good feedvack about my stuff...not to be bragging.=P),climbing trees,walking around town,going on adventures with my best friend amanda.
Dislikes:sXe nazis,people who dont care about politics at all (it affects youre future and freedom and rights so i'd pay attention),and people who dont like to hang out with people who dont fit their "stereotype".
3 Things that annoy you: ignorance,pants with no pockets,and tuning guitars.=P
Word used most on AIM: indeed,mhmm,and lol
Fears: realizing how alone i am(it happends often),dying batteries(grr..i need to get recharable ones),and not finding that one person i know who i'll be with.(so that i tread the earth alone like the hulk)
Anything else you'd like to add:

Post at least 3 clear pictures of yourself:

(the shirt in the background is my dad's)

this is me being a unicorn.

i took that pic and photoshopped and fun.

well thanks for taking the time to read. <3

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